Ladies Ministry

       Here at LBC, we have a thriving ladies ministry with opportunities for everyone. Throughout the year we have different meetings, fellowships, and Bible studies all focused on the needs and responsibility of women to glorify God. Here are some examples of what is going on with the ladies of LBC.
Ladies’ Fellowship: We meet five times a year for a time of devotions, refreshments, information, and fun. These meetings are usually themed with three in the fall and two in the winter/spring.  Our goals are to provide a time of fellowship and encouragement to the ladies of our church along with the opportunity to bring visitors, family, and friends.  We use these meetings to collect items and postage offerings in order to be able to provide college students with four care packages during their school year. Another outreach of this ministry is the welcome bags we assemble for new lady members and new mothers.
Ladies’ Night Out:  We have an annual event for all ladies and gals, no matter your age! It might be a Hawaiian Luau, Polka Dot Explosion, a Friday Fiesta, and more.  You will have to come to find out! This event is usually in April or May and is open to all.
Ladies’ Bible Study:  Throughout the year, we hold different 13-week Bible studies for women. On Tuesday mornings, at 8:30 a.m. we have a time of study.  We are currently studying the Bible using The Choice Is Yours.  This book is written by Terrie Chappell and discusses twelve important choices that we must make in life. It began March 6, 2012 and continues through May. There is a cost for the book, but light refreshments and childcare are provided for free. Feel free to call the office for information about current or upcoming studies.
Ladies’ Daytime Visitation:  Ladies may come as a follow-up to our Bible study time or at 9:45 a.m. We would love for you to help us visit shut-ins, those under the weather, or visitors and new move-ins.