LBC Teens

The goal for our teen ministry is to assist, equip, and support the family as they uphold the responsibility God has given them to teach and disciple their children. As we seek to prepare a generation of leaders and Christian workers, the Bible is the center of all that we do.

The teens meet weekly during the Sunday school Bible studies at LBC at 9:45am in the “Youth Room” on the second floor of the main church building. Here, 7-12th graders meet to sing songs, pray together, and have an opening meeting before splitting into two teaching classes (7-8th and 9-12th). We also have monthly activities and gatherings, teen Bible studies during the week, and some bigger trips during the year to youth conferences and summer camp. Our teens are excited about being Christian teenagers and are actively seeking God’s will and how they can encourage each other in the Lord.

To give an overview of what our teen ministry focuses on here are a few key areas:

Relationships – Life revolves around relationships. We seek to form real, lasting relationships with God, parents, family, our church family and pastor, and each other.

Encouragement – Living a Christian life is not always easy, but God has promised that He is enough. With this in mind, God has planned for Christians to encourage other Christians. We want the church to be a nurturing environment for teenagers to live for God.

Answers – Teens have serious, legitamate questions in life. The goal of our class times and Bible studies is to teach God’s Word which has all the answers that we need. We will also look specifically at common topics with which teens deal.

Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Is the Bible God’s Word? What is real love? How should I develop as I become an adult? Can entertainment be harmful? How should I approach relationships? What is a family? How can I influence those around me?

Life – The youth ministry at Landmark is a great place to experience life. We want there to be friendships built, help during trouble and trials, and of course, fun. Being a teenager that loves God should be fun, and we want our teens to experience that together. We want them to have fun with a clear conscience creating good memories, hilarious moments, and sweet friendships. We have a variety of relationship building activities including:

Summer Camps/Conferences, Retreats, Gym Nights, Park Nights, Crazy Games, Skit Nights, Day Trips,

We look forward to having you grow with us in LBC’s Teen Ministry.