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James Sumpter - May 25, 2022

Lesson 5 - Faithfully Focused on God in a Distracting World - Jeremiah 9 - Midweek Service

The world population is quickly closing in on 8 billion people. We should pass that threshold in a matter of months. That number is kind of hard to fathom, but it is growing rapidly. The year I was born (1987) the population rose to 5 billion for the first time. 1960 marked the first time it ever went above 3 billion people. With this vast number of people, the world has become a busy place. It is a distracting place. Nearly 8 billion minds full of differences in opinions and focus. Everywhere you look, someone or something is vying for attention. However, all 8 billion of us were created with the same singular purpose in mind: to glorify God in loving relationship with our Creator. How can we stay focused in a world where billions are not focused on their real purpose in life. Jeremiah was a man who seemed to remain constantly focused on the task of serving the Lord regardless of life and those around him. Ridicule, invasion, mockery, imprisonment, exile, abuse, mistreatment, heartbreak, embarrassment: these are just a few ways to describe the life events we have seen in Jeremiah. God remained faithful to Jeremiah and thankfully Jeremiah set an example of being faithful to Him. Jeremiah 9 presents a simple challenge to remain focused on God even in a distracting world. Jeremiah 9:23-26 is a message from God Himself to a people that had been allured by idols, focused on political alignments, broken by disappointment, and grieved by destruction. It seemed they just wanted what any other self-respecting nation could want: freedom, independence, strength, resources, power, security, and influence. The problem was that they had forsaken their relationship with God to get these things. They had become utterly distracted in doing so.

Scripture References: Philippians 3:10, John 17:3, Jeremiah 9:23-26


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