LBC COVID-19 Updates


Dear Landmark Baptist Church Family,

  Important Waiver For Those Attending Services: Click Here

   We are coming back! I am so excited for our church to gather together in person again for worship and fellowship. We are going to be allowed to hold services at LBC at fifty-percent capacity during “Phase 1” of our state’s plan to reopen.

   Church services will look a little different for a while, but we are excited for any opportunity to come together. Let me give you a brief outlook for the next few weeks. I will be able to give more reasoning and details for our decisions online and in person soon, but here is a general overview.

Phase 1 – Current 

  • Service Schedule –

–    No Sunday School – This is due to wide-spread use of buildings. 

  • Morning Worship Service – 10:00 AM – We have spaced aisles and removed seats in the auditorium to allow plenty of room for physical distancing. 
  • Online Only Sunday Evening Service – This is to follow state requests of sanitizing all used spaces between services, allow our Spanish ministry to meet in the chapel, and it will allow the auditorium to sit “dormant” for three days before its next use.
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer – We will meet at 7:00 PM for Bible Study and prayer in the auditorium. We will spread around the full auditorium and ask people to sit by household at safe social distances.
  • Procedures and Considerations
  • Anyone who is at risk because of underlying health problems or age is encouraged to feel free to continue participating in services from home.
  • We will livestream our services and post for viewing later on our website or social media. Kid’s lessons will continue to post as well.
  • We will not have a staffed nursery or kid’s programs for now. It would be impossible to facilitate social distancing in the nursery. Moms may use the nursery for their own young children. We will be streaming the service in the nursery. We are encouraging members to feel free to bring children of any age to our scheduled services. We will be incorporating some things for kids to help them acclimate. There will be places to sit in the hallway or chapel if needed. 
  • There will be no choir.
  • There will be sanitizer stations available throughout the building.
  • We will be cleaning restrooms and common areas between the morning services.
  • We will be thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the building between service days.
  • Services will be adjusted to limit physical contact: no handshaking or greeting time, offering plates will be stationary (not passed).
  • Several things will be adjusted in service order and format to continue to social distance.

Phase 2 – Date TBA – “Regular Service Schedule with Social Distancing Considerations”

  • At this time, it is possible we will resume Sunday school classes, Sunday evening services, and nursery facilities with special consideration for social distancing.
  • Some Kid’s Bible classes resume with no more than 10 kids per room.
  • Some smaller church and group activities may be scheduled.

Phase 3 – Date TBA – “Resuming Regular Church Calendar and Schedule”

  • Special considerations will still be made for sanitizing and cleaning.
  • Church activities and groups will be able to resume.
  • Social distancing requirements will be eased.
  • Children’s classes will resume in normal fashion.
  • Other considerations and announcements to be made as we progress.
   Follow other announcements and details online throughout this week. I cannot wait to see as many of you as possible this week. Praise the Lord we have made it to this point!
 – Sincerely, 
    Pastor James

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