Kids4Truth Clubs

Come join us as we explore the greatness of God.

  • When: Sundays – 5:00-6:30 PM
  • Who: Pre-K through 6th Grade
  • Where: Landmark Baptist Church 
  • Cost: $20 per child for the entire year! This covers the child’s workbook and award sash.
Themes taught through the clubs
    -God’s Word         
    -God’s Greatness
    -God’s Goodness 
    -The Trinity
    -God’s Creation     
    -God’s View of You
    -God’s Law           
    -Jesus Christ
    -God’s Salvation 
    -God’s Purpose for You
    -God’s Work         
    -God’s Future Plans

Laying a Foundation for Learning and Living God’s Word

    What truths do kids need to know from God’s Word? How do they apply those truths to their lives? Kids4Truth takes kids beyond salvation by discipling them and developing them in their Christian walk
    Kids4Truth has different clubs based on age level. Each of these clubs works through a systematic study of basic Bible truths taught at an appropriate pace for their age. The program works through a two year rotation for each club. There are 12 doctines taught over two years.
    Each of the 12 doctrinal themes has 10 key truths for the children to memorize for a total of 120 key truths. Each child will review the 120 truths four times as he moves through the four levels. The key truths become more in-depth with each level.
    Clubs take place in a safe and welcoming environment that will include songs, Bible lessons, discipleship and section time, game time and more. Everything that takes place in the club will contribute to the purpose of teaching kids about Christ. Clubs typically begin at the start of the school year, but your family is welcome to jump in at any point in the year. 

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