Message: “Barren No More – God Sees Hannah, Israel & Us – 1 Samuel 1-2 – Midweek Prayer Meeting” from James Sumpter

James Sumpter - October 25, 2023

I Samuel 4-7 - The Glory of God and The Heart of People - Wednesday Prayer Meeting

1 Samuel 1-3 told us of the birth and growth of Samuel as God’s prophet and judge while telling us of the coming fall and judgment of Eli and Israel. Chapters 4-7 tell us of more than 20 years of Israel’s sad history as they continue to reject real relationship with God. Parts of these chapters can be humorous, but the sobering reality is that humans (religious or not) often misunderstand and try to put God into our own image. He is not like us; He is over us and demands to be seen this way. God will not be manipulated or used for our glory; we are literally created for His.

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 5:1-12, 1 Samuel 4:1-22, 1 Samuel 7:1-17, 1 Samuel 6:1-21

From Series: "A Study of Samuel"

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