Message: “Barren No More – God Sees Hannah, Israel & Us – 1 Samuel 1-2 – Midweek Prayer Meeting” from James Sumpter

James Sumpter - November 29, 2023

1 Samuel 12 - Renewal In Gilgal - Midweek Prayer Meeting

A Study of Samuel

Since the first people sinned against God, there has been a constant conflict in the world. Yes, a conflict between people but also something deeper. There is a constant conflict between the power of God and human power. We should not be confused, conflict does not mean there is competition. God’s power is immense and limitless, but He is also longsuffering and forbearing. The conflict between human power and God’s power is primarily engaged in the heart and mind. In Samuel, Israel has been asking for a king like all the other nations. They wanted a human king to provide them with safety, stability, victory, resources, and security. God saw this as a direct rejection of His authority as king (1 Sam. 8:7) as He had promised He would provide each of these. They rejected the kingdom (kingship) of God for a human regime. As Christians, we acknowledge that God is over all and Jesus Christ is King. It is literally who we are by definition. We believe that one day the kingdom of God will come in its fullness and be the only option, but until then, we face conflict. Our belief puts us into a power challenge of values and submission. Human power outside of submission to God always challenges God’s way. Human wealth or value offers pleasure or security without need for God. Human reason attempts to explain life without reference to God. Human institution assigns purpose of people without going to God for it. Human power, wealth, reason, and institution all have their place within God’s good creation and rule. The problem comes when they do not come under submission to God’s power and rule first. Are we keeping this order in our lives?

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 12:1-25, 1 Samuel 13:1-23, 1 Samuel 8:7, 1 Samuel 7:13, 1 Samuel 5:9

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