Prayer Request

Anonymous, July 12, 2020 - 11:04 AM

5/28/20- PRAISE REPORT ❤️🙏

John is off the ventilator!!!!!!

They successfully extubated him about 30 minutes ago (10:00am). He’s doing great breathing on his own. Pray that this continues and that his soreness goes away. Also keep praying that he won’t need long term dialysis!

We got to see him on FaceTime right after they did it. He looks tired but much more comfortable. Pray that he can sleep and relax. He responded to my questions by nodding his head because they don’t want him to talk right now.

God is so good! Please keep praying for complete healing! Love you all!!

Fight John fight! We love you!!

"My friend Lara posted this regarding her husband John. So happy to hear this. They are a sweet Christian couple with 3 lovely children."