Recommended Reading & Christmas Gift Ideas


    I get asked all the time, “What is something good for my (teenager, child, friend, husband, wife) to read?” Reading teaches us, it exposes areas of life we thought we had mastered, it encourage us, it prepares us. It is important to read well and to exercise our minds. Below is a recommended reading list with links to some places they can be purchased. Click on a book title to view the purchasing site. There is still plenty of time to get these before Christmas, and encourage the people you care about. 
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“It is not the reading of many books which is necessary to make a man wise or good; but the well reading of a few….And it is not possible to read over very many on the same subjects, without a great deal of loss of precious time.” – Richard Baxter
We are pleased to present this book list to help provide resources for spiritual growth. Please not that we may not completely endorse all of the contents of each of these books. Each book we offer is carefully chosen because of its message or impact. We encourage every reader to use discernment and compare everything to the Scriptures, the only book we can depend on to be without error. 
Marriage and Family
Passionate Parenting – Cary Schmidt – “Enjoying the journey of parenting teens.” – $17
Sweethearts for a Lifetime – Wayne and Carroll Mack – “Making the most of your marriage.” – $14
Making Home Work – Paul Chappell – “Raising Children and Building Families” – $19
Shepherding a Child’s Heart – Tedd Tripp – “Guiding a child in the path of life.” – $11
Instructing a Child’s Heart – Tedd and Margy Tripp – “What is the purpose of a parents relationship with their children.” – $12
Childrens Books
God’s Love: A Bible Storybook  – Champ Thornton – “An illustrated story of the Bible.” – $17 
Willow Wallaby – Terrie Chappell – “An illustrated fiction story to encourage gratitude.” – $10 
God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies – Justin Holcomb – “Dealing with confusion and embarrassment in young children. Protecting against silence about abuse.” – $13
Christian Living
Emotional Victory – Bud Calvert – “How to deal with how you feel.” – $14
Escape – Stephen Chappell – “How to deal with temptation.” – $12
Real Christianity – Cary Schmidt – “Embrace the grace, endure the struggle, enjoy the relationship.” – $12
Essential Virtues – Jim Berg – “Marks of a Christ-centered life.” – $19
Brave-Hearted Gospel – Eric Ludy – $13
Changed in His Image – Jim Berg – “God’s plan for changing your life.” – $18
Pleasing People – Lou Priolo – “How not to be an ‘approval junkie’.” – $14
Maximum Impact – Wayne Mack – “Living and loving for the glory of God.” – $18
To the Golden Shore: Adoniram Judson – Courtney Anderson – $13
Bruchko: a 19-year Old Missionary – Bruce Olson – $10 
Tortured for Christ: Romanian Pastor – Richard Wurmbrand – $10 
Out of the Depths: John Newton – $10
A Chance to Die: Amy Carmichael  – Elisabeth Elliot – $10
Dealing with Trouble and Loss 
Off Script – Cary Schmidt – “What to do when God rewrites your story: from a cancer survivor.” – $15
The Plan B Prayer – Tim Zacharias – “Living with the loss of the ideal.” – $10 *free e-version with Kindle Unlimited
Fear Not – Rand Hummell – “Overcoming fear, worry, and anxiety.” – $10
Discover Your Destiny – Cary Schmidt – “Making right choices in a world gone wrong.” – $15 
Life Quest – Cary Schmidt – “Braving adulthood with Biblical passion” – $15 
When God Writes Your Love-story – Eric and Leslie Ludy – “The ultimate guide to guy/girl relationships.” – $13
Meet Mr. Smith – Eric and Leslie Ludy – “Revolutionize the way you think about love, purity and romance.” – $13
A Word to the Wise – Paul Chappell – “Advice from Proverbs” – $14
Ladies’ Studies   
 A Look Within: Reflections for Women – Francis Taylor – “Character affects actions, and actions affect generations.” – $8
A Woman of Prayer – Betty Henderson – “For those in search of a God who hears.” – $8
I.D. Who Am I in Christ? – Natalie Durso – “A reminder that who I am is not about me, but what I am in Christ.” – $12 
Damsels in Distress – Martha Peace – “Biblical solutions for problems women face.” – $12
It’s a Wonderful Life – Terrie Chappell – “Serving God Joyfully in Marriage and Family” – $12 
The Choice is Yours – Terrie Chappell – “12 choices that strengthen or weaken your walk with God.” – $12
Securely Woman – Karen Hightower – “Embracing your role as a Christian woman.” – $6
Men’s Studies  
Biblical Manhood – Stuart Scott – “Thoughts on masculinity, leadership, and decision making.” – $11 
The Exemplary Husband – Stuart Scott – “Finding oneness in marriage for God’s glory.” – $13
Lest You Fall – Rand Hummell – “Battling moral impurity.” $8
Turn Away Wrath – Rand Hummell – “Meditations to rightly control anger.”  – $9
The Steps of a Good Man – Elden Martin – “Embracing the commitments of Godly manhood.” – $10
Shew Thyself a Man – Elden Martin – “Becoming a man of God” – $10
The Masculine Mandate – Richard Philips – “Thoughts on man’s  purpose from a former Army tank officer.” – $15