March 2020

Psalm 27 Devotional

A short study of Psalm 27 and a thought about waiting on the Lord! Plus! a quick game for the whole family!

February 2020

Jesus: The Way

John 14:1-13

Helping Our Missionaries

Romans 10, 15 1 Thessalonians 5

Forgiveness in Conflict

Philemon 11-25

Reconciled in Christ

Philemon 1-12

Thoughts for Pastors

The Savior’s Heart

John 13:31-38

The Mission and Ministries of the Church

Matthew 28, Acts 2

A Traitor’s Heart

John 13:18-31

January 2020

Jesus Teaches Humble Love

“Jesus Teaches Humble Love ” by James Sumpter. – John 13

The Hearts of Prayer

Devoted to Prayer

Colossians 2

December 2019

Simeon’s Song – Song of Salvation

Luke 2

Hear and See – Sermon following “I Heard the Bells” Christmas Musical

Luke 2 – Message following “I Heard the Bells” Christmas Musical 

Angels’ Song – Glory to God, Peace to Men

Luke 2